How not to Photoshop: Photographer's exceptional skills deserve a place in the museum

When a family in St Louis, Missouri paid a photographer who claimed to be a professional somewhere around $250 for a fun family photo shoot, they surely weren’t ready for what was coming their way.

Pam Dave Zaring and her family recently hired a (supremely talented) photographer recently to take family portraits. Unfortunately, the finished product sent to Pam did not get the reaction a photographer hopes for.

The photographer sent them pictures of… well just check one of them out:

Yep, that’s just an example of the ‘retouched’ pictures the photographer sent. According to Pam, the photographer said the ‘shadows were bad that day’ and that she was never taught how to retouch photos. As you can obviously tell. Pam decided to take this with a pinch of salt and shared the pictures on Facebook.

To her surprise, the hilarious pictures went viral within a few hours and leaving the internet in splits. This photo shoot just won the Internet for how bad the Photoshop job was! Within 11 hours of being shared online, the photos have already attracted over 190,000 likes and 240,000 shares.

Check out the rest of the magnificent shoot right here:

Checkout the entire post right here: