House of Cards season 5 trailer tricks some into thinking it is for a real political campaign

Netflix's latest promo video for House of Cards season 5 'Australians for Underwood' has fooled people into believing it is an actual political campaign.

Netflix’s House of Cards is all set to release the fifth season. The popular drama series is as much of a conversation starter as the United States politics itself. The upcoming House of Cards season 5 is already creating a lot of buzz and weirdly, a few controversies as well. The latest promo video titled ‘Australians for Underwood’ was recently released by the streaming website which was produced in a typical political TV campaign format. Apparently, some people actually fell for it!

The promo video features two farmers as they talking about Frank Underwood’s Presidency. “The flamin’ Treasurer’s at it again. Cost of living, house prices. Whatever happened to a fair go? Frankly, it’s time we had some real leadership. Like they do in the U.S.,” one of the farmers says.

As authentic as this ‘political campaign’ may seem, it clearly states that it has been “authorised by Frank Underwood.” Or perhaps the bit where it reads in bold letters “Australians for Underwood” could have been their clue.

Like the US? So you wish to follow in their footsteps causing mass protests, gov officials fired from their jobs replaced by more sympathetic figured / friends and even family. You could have chosen a better example to be honest,” wrote one Facebook user. Another stated, “Like Trump? Are you fricking insane. The man’s a lying orange bigot. He can barely read and has the morals of a cheap hustler. ”

Somebody break the news to these guys, please.

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At least there were some sensible people out there who understood that it was really meant a promo for House of Cards.

The fifth season of the series premieres on May 30, 2017.