Hero Alom posts a morphed selfie with Shah Rukh Khan, Twitter can't stop laughing

Not the 'Tu mera hero' you were looking for.

Hero Alom Bogra, who shot to fame last year for his dance moves and Arjun Rampal-like (read: inanimate object) expressions, is getting thrashed by Twitter for posting a morphed selfie with Shah rukh, nay, Saarukh Khan.

Hero Alom took a pretty popular selfie that SRK clicked with his fans and Photoshopped himself into the picture. His poor editing skills were pretty evident and Twitter couldn’t help but troll him. While a few advised him to stay away from saste nashe, most of them used words that we can’t really write here. Even though we really really want to.

In his own words, and we quote, Hero Alom says, “Saarukh Khan fan of me – 100% Hero Alom Bogra…..Hear, Saarukh is taking selfee with me……love you Saarukh my fan.” This clearly pissed off 100% of SRK fans as they trolled Hero Alom immediately for his poor Photoshop and grammar skills.

Check out the tweet:

Twitter’s reaction:

Upon further inspection we find that Hero Alom is clearly obsessed with Bollywood. Here’s proof:

Back off Imraan Hashmee

y Alia so ugly and poor?

Lel come at me, Salman khan.

The Saaruk obsession is pretty evident

We’re officially Hero Alom fans now. 100%.