Here's why you should never announce your pregnancy on the Internet, even if you're Beyonce.

Days after Beyonce's pregnancy announcement on Instagram, people cannot stop recreating her pregnancy pictures;

Queen B couldn’t have predicted this herself! It’s been days since Beyonce made the announcement on Instagram that she is pregnant with twins. But the Internet just can’t get over her announcement.

Beyonce can be seen sitting in front of what can be called a flower wall wearing blue shorts and holding her baby bump. The peculiar image went viral on social media and needless to say, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat had multiple field days as people all over the world- celebrities and fans alike recreated Queen B’s iconic pregnancy announcement. Have a look:

1.That awkward moment when Jay Z flaunted his beer belly.

2.Pregnant with Spagetti


3.Ellen jumped on the bandwagon too


4.This Snapchat user recreated the flower wall with emojis


5.This pizza’s got me pregnant!


6. The nightmares I had after seeing this


7. When a gangsta gets pregnant


8.That cotton nipple though, #FreeTheNipple


Don’t know about you, but I think Queen B couldn’t have predicted this herself.
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