Here's why this flower-seller's moving story is going viral

This old man was selling flowers at 2 on a rainy night but there's a reason for it. Read story.

There are a lot of people in the world who work hard to feed their families and work so hard they even forget everything but never resort to begging. And there are still people who have a heart big enough to help any random stranger. One such large-hearted person met Baba Hameed who believes in earning money in a dignified manner rather than asking people for it. Baba Hameed lives in Karachi, Pakistan and sells jasmine flowers day-in-day-out to feed his family, not even caring about whether it’s raining or not, forgetting about what time of the day it is and even about taking his meals. So, this well-meaning man, Mohammed Usman met Baba Hameed at 2 on a rainy night in Karachi and thought of helping him, any little way he can.

Mohammed Usman, an engineer, saw Baba Hameed while he was going home at 2 in the night, spotted Baba Hameed selling his jasmine flowers at a crossing. He couldn’t stop wondering why was such an old man is trying to sell flowers so late in the night when almost entire road is deserted. Mohd Usman got off the car and spoke to this old man and was nice enough to ask him if he would have dinner with him and took him to the nearby Subway outlet.

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Mohd Usman wanted to share Baba Hameed’s entire story and wanted to help him, so he decided to share on social media. The reason Baba Hameed was standing there at 2 AM trying to sell his remaining flowers is moving. Mohd Usman posted Baba Hameed’s story on a page run by one of his friends named ‘As If I Have Eaten’ so that people can recognise him and help him in whatever way they can, if they want to.

After sharing a meal with Baba Hameed, Mohd Usman took a flower garland from Baba Hameed so as to not hurt his self-respect.

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The world needs more people like Baba Hameed and Mohd Usman!

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