Here's why Delhi cafe 'Echoes' needs to be on the top of your bucket list

Run and managed completely by deaf and mute staff, Echoes in Satya Niketan has the most heartwarming USP.

There is no dearth of brilliant cafes in Delhi. Some serve awesome food, while some have an extraordinary ambience. What then makes this cafe named ‘Echoes’ in Delhi’s Satya Niketan area stand out? The fact that it’s fully managed by deaf and mute staff. Yes, it’s possible and it’s being done at this cafe.

The brainchild of Kshitij Behl and Shivansh Kumar, the offbeat cafe is sitiuated right opposite to the Venkateshwara College. Aside of serving reasonably priced food and beverages, the cafe’s deaf amd mute staff and managers set it apart from any other similar places. Most of us might already be thinking how it would be next to impossible to call waiters who are unable to hear and that it might be challenging to place one’s orders. Behl and Kumar have it all under control and how.

Light bulbs are used to grab the waiters’ attention to a table and the customers write out their order on a notepad and give it to those serving. For other things like spoons, water, forks etc there are specially made placards which can be shown to the waiters and they shall serve you immediately. Kshitij Behl and Shivansh Kumar plan to hire only the differently abled even in future to run their cafe. After the cafe run by acid attack victims, this is another one that will tingle not just your taste buds but also the chords of your heart.

We all know how sympathy and monetary help towards the differently abled only works in the short-term and does not ensure them any amount of respect. Even the deaf and mute or those with other physical shortcomings have the right to earn a living and live a life of dignity. We have umpteen examples of how differently abled people have made a mark for themselves. Those however are a few success stories, but what’s needed is to give each differently abled person the right to do what they want to and a chance at success.

So, the next time you look for a new cafe to visit we suggest Echoes at Satya Niketan. Worth adding to all our bucket lists, isn’t it?