Here are 12 spellbinding new age poets on Instagram who you need to follow ASAP

With a boom in the number of budding writers, it gets hard to find a good writer. Here are some unpopular poets of today's era who deserve your attention.

Poetry is an underrated art form. However much it gets valued, it can never be enough. A “spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings” in the words of English poet William Wordsworth, poetry forms a connect between the poet and the readers’ minds without losing a drop of its essence. Perhaps that is why a poem is not revered by all who have read it. One needs to have had shared the experiences or at least bear the capacity to grasp the pith of a piece of poetry.

While to some it may seem that the art is lost, it is still prevalent and much extensively so. The younger poets have shifted themselves online to cater to a wider readership.

Here are some popular ‘Instagram poets’ of our times who deserve your attention.

Lang Leav

Books now available. See link in profile #poetry #books #langleav #quotes

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Harpreet M Dayal

– tears – -excerpt –

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Rupi Kaur

happy mothers day from page 46

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Chloë Frayne

• you.

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Zack Grey

“I’d rather feel pain than nothing at all.” #zackgrey #feel

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Akshat Goyal

Divya Jumani

Rusty Moores


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Janhavi Kulkarni

Mamta Datwani

Thank you for typing this, favorite hooman. @2amguy . . . #erotica #poetry #typewriter #typewriterpoetry #vscocam

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