Her dying wish was to marry her love. How her wish came true will make you cry

In a post shared by Love What Matters, Ronda, a terminally ill patient, fulfils her dream by marrying her best friend Matt Madens

Love is all about dating until you meet the ‘right person’ in today’s times. People change, situations change, partners change. While there is nothing wrong with that, there are still few people who believe in eternal love. Come what may, they stand by each other, they fight the odds together and they also fight one of worst terminal disease like cancer together. In this truly emotional story posted by Love What Matters on Facebook, the battles of Ronda and Matt will make leave you in tears.

According to this post on the Facebook page Love What Matters, terminally ill Ronda Bivens, wanted to marry the love of her life and her childhood best friend Matt Maden, who also happens to be the father of her two lovely children.  “She wanted to have a beautiful wedding, and I wanted to give her that,” Matt said.

The tables turned around, and the hospice care became the wedding dais where the two love birds exchanged their rings. Ronda’s best friend, Amanda Dalton,  said that “It was friends calling friends, getting everything together. We called the county clerk’s office ― they sent someone out ― and we got a preacher. It happened literally within a couple hours once we got it rolling.” Amanda also donated her wedding dress to the bride-to-be.

The couple married on Ronda’s 28th birthday – a year after her facing extreme chemotherapy, radiation, and even having her leg amputated. “They told us right off the bat there was no cure. They said, ‘We can just do what helps.’ But everything they’ve done has just made it worse. It’s financially wrecked us, and I’ve had a front row seat to my best friend dying. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.” Matt stated.

Ronda shared how shocking her diagnosis was in her Facebook post, “Never in a million years would I or anyone else have thought this would be cancer but it is. So please everyone, if you find a bump of any sort go to the doctor. Go to a bunch of doctors for second opinions. Maybe if I did, instead of believing all these other misdiagnoses, things would be different.”


Ronda wanted to spend the last days of her life at home with Matt so they brought her home. Matt said, “They told me she had only a few days to live. She wanted to come home, so we’re home now. I hold her hand every day and am trying to focus on the time we have. She’s on a morphine pump to soothe her pain, so she’s in and out of it. But when she comes in, she’s still the same fighter. I can’t even tell you how strong she is.”

He continued, “Matt continued, “She woke up last night and she was so excited about the wedding. We sat there and talked about it for an hour. She asked to see the wedding photos. We looked at them, laughed, cried and held each other.”

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