He painted his auto rickshaw like a Scorpio, Anand Mahindra gave him a four-wheeler

That's what we call a good deal!

A Kerala auto driver, creatively painted the rear of his auto rickshaw to look like Mahindra’s SUV Scorpio. His auto was spotted by one of the Twitter users, Anil Panicker, who posted a picture of the auto on the micro-blogging site. Industrialist Anand Mahindra was quick to notice it and asked people on Twitter to help him locate this guy. In less than two month’s time, Sunil was located in Kerala and as promised Anand Mahindra bought Sunil’s auto for his museum, and gifted him a four-wheeler in return. Now that’s what we call a good deal!

Mahindra thanked Twitter and posted a photograph of Sunil with both his vehicles, old and new. Today, Sunil is a proud owner of a brand new 8-seater Mahindra Supro, instead of a 3-seater auto rickshaw.
Check out the tweets and the warm repsonses that Mahindra got for his wonderful gesture. Starting with Anil Panicker’s tweet whose tweet was noticed by Mahindra: