Harassed teen bids farewell to the world on social media and hangs self

A young student from Kolkata committed suicide reportedly because of pressure to perform well in exams. He left a goodbye note on Facebook for the world to read.

On Wednesday night, Samprit Banerjee, a teen living in Kolkata, posted a message on his Facebook profile bidding farewell to his friends and family.
The post simply read ‘Goodbye’. Most of his friends didn’t understand what it meant until the very next day when he was found hanging dead from the ceiling fan in his bedroom.
Post the news broke, friends, family and relatives have left their comments on the status wishing they could have taken a proactive step.

The rigid education system takes a toll on the youth of our county every now and then.

He reportedly committed suicide because of the overwhelming pressure of performing well in studies. He had performed poorly in his exams and that was taking a toll on him and he took this extreme step to get out of this mess.

His final post before he hanged himself:

His last post (Photo: Facebook)

His last post (Photo: Facebook)

Even though his parents admitted to have pressured him to perform well, his classmates and family are pointing fingers towards his accounts teacher who humiliated him in front of the school and also assaulted him – physically and mentally.
He was SO scared of the teacher that he had stopped attending school on Wednesdays and Fridays because they had accountancy classes.
There are several comments on Samprit’s last post which mention this accounts teacher and hold him responsible for Samprit committing suicide.

After sending the 17-year-old’s body for post-mortem, police have initiated a probe into the matter.
No comment has been made by the school or the teacher in question.