Guy pulls hilariously cruel Valentine’s Day prank on girlfriend

Valentine's day went hilariously wrong for this girl who just wanted a romantic Paris getaway.

On 14th February, Laura Marie Kerr received a message from her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day promising a surprise. She obviously had no idea that she was about to be trolled.

Her boyfriend sent her a series of romantic texts just to troll her, she posted them on Twitter and people lost it. The series of texts is being dubbed as the most cruel Valentine’s day prank ever.

The boy led her to believe that she will be taken away to a romantic Paris getaway, and her hopes were taken to a whole new level when the beautiful city of Barcelona was mentioned. But alas, it all turned out to be a hilarious prank.

The images of the text went viral on Twitter and Facebook, sparking hilarious reactions from all around the web.


Check out how the prank went down:

It all began with an innocent text


Then took things to the next level


And then revealed the prank


Yep, that’s right, he just intended for them to go and watch the Champions League game between Paris St.Germain and F.C Barcelona at the local pub, which is literally the opposite of a romantic European getaway. And she clearly wasn’t very happy about it.

Here’s how Twitter reacted:

Are they still together after the debacle? Hell yeah!

Who says true love doesn’t exist!