Grandmom accidentally buys 'adult' book for 6-year-old, photos will make you LOL hard

When this grandma's innocent gift turned out to have adult content for children and gave Twitter a field day

The thing about children’s books is that they are supposed to be ‘pure’. A PG 13 acceptable level of storytelling which will not scar children for the rest of their lives. A very kind grandmother bought her 6-year-old granddaughter a children’s book with the best of intentions of probably empowering her with the stories within. However, grandma didn’t realize that her sweet picture book was full of inappropriate content for her grandchild.

The kid’s mom, Tiffany, who goes by the Twitter handle @Tiffany1985B shared a picture of the hilarious incident on the micro-blogging website. The book titled If Animals Could Talk would appear like an innocent book from the cover but once the family opened up the book, they discovered it was not intended for children.

And people thought that the book had been fortunately screened before it reached the 6-year-old’s hands, but it wasn’t so:

Her husband was the first to sense trouble in the book:

And then ofcourse Twitterati had a ball after seeing the grotesque contents of the book meant for children which was full of sexual innuendos, swear words and what not:

And other people just wanted the book for themselves:

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Forget the whole thing how such inappropriate content is circulating in the disguise of a kid’s storybook, Tiffany might have helped to increase the sales of the book as we speak:

So the next time your kid gets a present, sift through it before they may chance upon something which is way beyond their age because you can’t trust this world anywhere!

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