Goofy dad dresses daughter in adorable costumes and the result is pretty magical

Sholom Ber is probably the whackiest dad who is photographing make-believe costume games with his daughter in his own backyard

Daddy goals, that is what this father is giving all the dad’s in the world. Meet Sholom Ber Solomon delights in creating make-believe scenes with his 9-month old daughter. No, he is not your average hipster dad, Sholom has big plans for his baby daughter Zoe. The 36-year-old’s has an elaborate set up for all his photo shoots complete with props, sets and the cherry on the cake, carefully chosen costumes.

Originally hailing from Hackney in London, Sholom lives with his wife Carli and their baby daughter in California.His cutely constructed mischief have earned him more than 13,000 followers on Instagram. On days little Zoe is Safari Explorer, on other days she is a Hawaiian dancer Sholom has a bank full of imaginative outfits and they are not just for himself, he always finds an adorable little something for Zoe to wear too.

From using the KFC bucket to transforming his daughter into a flower pot or a garden gnome, Sholom is busy experimenting and the world is watching him on social media, eyes glued and face transfixed to know what avatar will Zoe take next. This surely seems like a fun way to photograph and document his daughter as she grows up.

The jokes seem to be on Sholom himself as he dresses up to be a cookie monster or an over-emphasized nappy changer with a gas mask that will protect him from fumes of the task at hand. Sholom seems to be thoroughly enjoying every bit of it.

Natgeo wild on location ____!! #lookmufasa #zoetheexplorer #lifeofdad

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It’s all in the hips ______!!! #coconuttits #myownlauau #instadad

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And he doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of stopping anytime soon. He wishes to continue photographing her as long as she would let him. Zoe may as well be the teenager locking the door and sleeping at night and avoiding meeting her father in public once she is all grown up for fear of embarrassment. But we can’t help but drool with adoration over his creative exploits.

Uh oh __!! #passthelaundrythen #airdrybaby #dadlife #instadad

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand plie… !!! #nutcracker #ificanfindthem #tututime

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Before Zoe was born, Sholom, had the habit of amusing his friends and family by donning silly costumes. It seems as if he was used to being the laughing stock of the room. After finding out that they had a baby girl, Sholom was up and about plotting how to incorporate this tiny devil in his frames.

Sholom, who owns a vintage furniture store, usually captions his pictures with unique hashtags from #babynomnom #airdrybaby #tututime to #dadlife and #instadad. Zoe surely has the goofiest dad on the internet right now.


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