Girl Crush trolled for her 'ballsy' move at the Grammys

Fashion died a disastrous death that night.

Ever heard of pop artist Girl Crush before? Neither had we. But then the Grammys happened and she decided to show up as a gumball machine. Not surprisingly, the Internet went wild for the gumball gown — presumably because it looked good enough to eat.

The 2017 Grammys red carpet was anything but boring and her ballsy gown was undoubtedly the most trolled outfit.

The unforgettable statement gown immediately drew comparisons to everything right from gumballs to jawbreakers to ball pits.

Who exactly is the artist bold enough to wear such a loud, candy-esque gown? Girl Crush is a recording artist whose song “Pillz” went to No. 1 on the global dubstep charts. She describes herself as “fun and fierce.” Yeah, the outfit makes sense now.

She’s also a talented songwriter, having penned original music for Showtime, ABC, Comedy Central, and MTV.

This is how she decided to show up:

And this is what happened:

D’ya have a girl crush on her yet?