Kindergarten kids watch Wonder Woman, their reaction proves why we need more female superheroes

You can't *Not* cry for after reading this viral post from Wonder Woman's director Patty Jenkins and how her film is inspiring kids from kindergarten

Wonder Woman has everyone awestruck and that includes young toddlers from kindergarten.On Sunday, Patty Jenkins, director of Wonder Woman shared a screenshot of cute Wonder Woman related things she had come across post the release of the superhero movie. The list is a living example of what happens when you introduce a bunch of kindergarteners to an inspiring character like Diana Prince, a.k.a Wonder Woman. Whoever said that children are the best judge of character put it rightly so, because these kindergarteners are full of hope after watching reel – and real life superhero Gal Gadot in action. These kids know quality when they see it, and they all can’t wait until they grow up one day and become their very own versions of Wonder Woman. As per Jenkins’ tweet, her producer received the detailed list from someone who works with kindergarten children. Her list begins with a solemn:

I work at a kindergarten and this is a collection of cute Wonder Woman related things that happened within a week of the movie being released.

“Cute” doesn’t even begin to describe the items mentioned on the list. From an innocent girl’s plea to her teacher to ditch the school uniform for Wonder Woman’s armour to the little girl refusing to answer to her name except for when she is addressed as none other than Wonder Woman, these kindergarteners know their superhero movie quite well.

If you were to pick a personal favourite it would probably be the 5-year-old girl who screamed “DON’T POLLUTE, YOU IDIOT, THAT IS WHY THERE ARE NO MEN IN THEMYSCIRA” at a classmate who threw his candy wrapper on the floor. Hits the nail quite hard, it does and we can’t help but agree with this five-year old. Some other amazing takeaways from the list are the seven girls who were found playing during recess who decided to that they were the Amazons now and were going to fight evil. Adorable right? The Amercian warrior is a strong female character and has also motivated a girl to learn “hundreds of languages like Diana Prince.” And the cherry on the cake, the girl who came back to school one day and told her friend: “You were right, Wonder Woman is better than Frozen!” These girls have been smitten with the superhero action film and are altering their kindergarten playground, ready to combat the world of mansplaining, misogyny and unequal rights at the bumbling age of five.


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The note ends with:

Consider this your friendly reminder that if this movie completely changed the way these girls and boys thought about themselves and the world in a week, imagine what the next generation will achieve if we give them more movies like Wonder Woman.


Wonder Woman is slaying patriarchy and sexism left, right and centre. Gal Gadot’s portrayal of a strong unwavering character has inspired millions. Perhaps this note itself is a great example of how if we feed the right kind of information is channelised through pop culture and mainstream media, perhaps we can achieve gender equality and perhaps even good will win over evil, just saying.

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