From taking a jibe at Manmohan Singh to subtly roasting AIB: SRK gets candid on AIB's new podcast

From taking a jibe at Manmohan Singh to subtly roasting AIB, SRK gets candid on AIB's new podcast.

What do you get when you have the India’s best comedy group and the wittiest Bollywood actor on the same . podcast? 30 awesome minutes of candid conversation full of repartees and witty banters. SRK appeared on AIB’s new podcast and needless to say, the man didn’t hold back. From taking a jibe at Manmohan Singh to clarifying his comments on Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech, SRK addressed every minor and major controversy surrounding him. Here are some of the most hilarious moments from the podcast:

1.When SRK casually roasted AIB.

Tanmay:  Welcome to AIB Podcast. There was a man who invited us to play FIFA on his playstation and the next day, he ditched us like we were nothing. Here we are to confront that man. (to Shahrukh) I just want to ask you, why?

SRK: I am wondering why [did I call you] today. You being called is your problem. Me calling you again and low can I go?

2.Layers of political correctness:


Shakya: After the roast, everyone assumes that we hangout with you guys [celebs] a lot.
SRK: Please don’t put me in your roast team. I was not in the country when it happened, I was not on the planet. I want to distance myself from the roast. I only eat roasted chicken. That’s the only roast I know. And PETA waalo..mai khata bhi nai hu.

3.When we established the fact that you don’t have to say anything wrong for things to go wrong:

Tanmay: How does it work when you wake up one morning to find out that some politician has said something and suddenly you are the debate of the day?

SRK: When ‘these things’ didn’t happen, I used to wake up in the morning like The King of Bollywood, and now when I wake up, I am like “Kaunsa King, kaunsa Bollywood?“. My hand then goes towards my phone and I pray to every god in every language that I hope I have nothing to do with anything that happened in America.

4.When SRK struck a raw nerve with this one

SRK: If anyone says anything wrong or ugly about me, I just go to their house. Cause at the end of the day,it’s all about the selfie. If I take a selfie with everyone who has a mouth to speak and fingers to write, I’ll be the most powerful man in this country.

5.When SRK took a jibe at Manmohan Singh


Tanmay: The first thing Manmohan Singh would have done after he left as the Prime Minister is going into a room and yelled 8 years worth of anger. Are you worried that at some point, you’ll be like “enough of this”?

SRK: I take this with a little bit of disturbance. You comparing me with the honorable Prime Minister. ‘Cause I am not THAT silent.

Watch the full podcast below: