Forget Desi Spiderman, African Spiderman shooting fireballs is all you need to see today

If this isn't lit, nothing is.

Imitation is the best form of flattery, and we Indians take it a bit too seriously when it come to our movies and music. You thought Indians are the only ones who can take a perfectly nice movie and turn it into something bizarre, right? Think again.

We’ve seen a video that proves Africans are pretty seasoned at this game too. A bunch of people from Uganda have made their own version of Spiderman and it’s a cinematic masterpiece.

When the spider pops out of a garbage can, maann when the spider pops out. Sorry I don’t even know how to complete the sentence. I’ve run out of words, and I’m literally paid to write. That’s my job. I had one job.

Apart from the beautiful VFX, I was left asking since when can Spider-Man shoot fireballs from his hands? Must’ve been a crazy radioactive spider. Also, a special shoutout to the sound guy for the ear-murdering backdrop noises. I was using my earphone. Thanks.

Now all that’s left to do is wait for them to drop their soundtrack and I’ll pretty much be done with the internet forever.

Check out our critically acclaimed viral Indian version of Spiderman here:

Check out the waayyy better African version:

Any comments? None? Yeah, thought so.