Forget Deepika and Priyanka, here are 8 other Indian-origin actors we need to talk about

They put the slay in Namaslay.

We’re all extremely proud of our girls Priyanka and Deepika who are out there reppin us in Hollywood, but we wanted to give a major shoutout to all the amazing Indian origin actors who’ve been slaying it in Hollywood for quite some time now.

We’ve seen them in mainstream flicks and TV shows, and it’s time we give them the accolades they deserve. Here’s our list of 7 desi origin actors that you need to start following, stat!

Gulshan Grover

He was amongst the first actors to have made a successful transition from Bollywood to Hollywood and international cinema aaand how! Our suave bad man sure know how to keep it classy.

Mindy Kaling

This curvy beauty has been slaying it in the west with The Mindy Show. Her sense of humor, adorable personality and I love myself attitude makes her the most lovable desi girl in Hollywood!

Kal Penn

Kumar from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, Kal Penn aka Kalpen Suresh Modi has starred in a plethora of movies like The Namesake and American Desi. Kal’s parents are Gujarati immigrants and he raised $160k in few hours for Syrian refugees last year.

Rahul Kohli

This gorgeous chocolate boy from London is an English television, film and stage actor. He is famous for playing Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti in the hit series iZombie. Rumor has it that Rahul could potentially be a villain in DC’s next. Ain’t that amazing?

Aziz Ansari

Aziz is everywhere. Sitcoms? Standups? Movies? Check check and check! If you follow sitcoms, you probably know who this Columbia born actor is. He rose to fame when he played Tom Haverford on the NBC series Parks and Recreation.

Hannah Simone

Hannah plays Cece, the Indian hottie in Zooey Deschanel’s New Girl. With looks to die for, this pretty desi girl is the perfect combination of classy and sassy!

Noureen DeWulf

Born in NY to gujju parents, hottie Noureen is famous for playing a leading role in Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management where she portrayed a bumbling bimbo. She also had a cameo in Oceans thirteen and a bunch of other famous sitcoms.

Rizwan Manji

Toronto born Rizwan Manji is famous for playing Rajiv on Outsourced. He has appeared on a lot of sitcoms and movies, with Wolf of wall street being one of his biggest projects.