FB page Photoshops PM Modi 'in unusual places', and the result is quite something

The world knows what happens when Indians get access to Photoshop. We’ve all seen some amazing Photoshop miracles that desi people have concocted in the past, and to be honest, they’re nothing short of masterpieces.

Speaking of intentionally terrible Photoshopping, we recently stumbled upon a Facebook page that made us realize Indians and Photoshop aren’t that bad of a combination after all. The page called ‘Modi ji in unusual places’ has a pretty self explanatory name. Yes, it’s literally just a bunch of random pictures with PM Modi Photoshopped into them. Remember DDLJ? Modi ji was there. The long bank lines after demonitisation? Modi ji was there. Modi ji has also sat in Sheldon’s spot apparently.

Check out the hilarious pictures right here:

Modi ji slaying the Abbey Road Walk.

Modi ji #SupportsPadmaavat

Guess what Modi ji’s new year resolution was?

Siachin mein jawan abhi bhi ladd rahe hain…

Pretty sure most of ya’ll missed this scene.

He had a small cameo in the movie. Look behind Sunny Deol’s shoulder at 1:12:53

Har har Modi… ghar ghar Modi!

So no one told you demonetisation was gonna be this way?

Modi ji, important questions only plis. Where do you get this energy from?

If the PM is in your spot, it’s not your spot anymore.

Peace out, mitron.