Ever struck you that bulls are sane enough to not attack unnecessarily? Let this video prove it.

Clearly we humans are brilliant at provoking them enough to get into fights where the bulls often end up getting brutally injured and even dying.

It is sad how over and over again the human race has tortured and mistreated animals. From throwing dogs off of terraces to subjecting animals to cruel lab tests we have done it all. Taming and training bulls and organizing bullfights ranks quite high on the list of methods we use to torment animals.

Only last year there was a massive row over Jallikattu, a bull fighting festival organised in Tamil Nadu. Have you ever wondered what makes the bulls attack and even get into a fight in the first place, considering they are as sane as any other animal and would not attack for no reason at all? This teacher in Mexico sure did, and hence made students stand calmly while a bull was allowed to have it’s run.

And guess what? Nobody got attacked. Watch it for yourself here:

To the utter surprise of all those who believed bulls are born crazy and attack without any provocation, this video actually takes human cruelty to another level. It is difficult to be unaffected by the fact that the fights we engage them in are actually stage-managed by us and end up killing and brutally injuring the animals.

Not to say that humans do not get injured, but at the risk of sounding slightly biased what else would you say humans organizing such events deserve? Bull fights have been a favourite among the citizens of several countries all over the world and here’s hoping this video gives us enough reason to stop such events.