Drop everything and watch this ad starring Game of Thrones' Septa Unella and The Mountain

Wait for it, watch it till the end.

Septa Unella and The Mountain can easily be called as one of the scariest and dreadful characters on HBO’s popular series, Game of Thrones. And, considering the equation that they have on the show, could you ever imagine the two of them together? Neither can we. Jokes apart, SodaStream, an Israel-based company has managed to bring the two Game of Thrones stars, Septa Unella played by Hannah Waddingham and The Mountain, played by Hafthor Julius Bjornsson for their ad.

 The ad which was posted on YouTube and Facebook has collected millions of views and is being loved by the Game of Thrones fans, mostly for the way it has re-created a popular scene of Game of Thrones. The ad starts with a guy walking into a shop and buying two large packets of plastic water bottles, with Septa Unella marching behind him shouting ‘Shame’. Does it ring a bell? Yes, we are sure all Game of Thrones scene fans vividly remember Cersei’s ‘Walk of Shame’. The poor guy who’s hounded by Septa and by the crowds on the street, finally delivers the bottles to The Mountain, who lectures him on the harmful effects of using plastic and then comes SodaStream’s own product.
The advertisement, which has collected over 2 million views both on YouTube and Facebook is a treat for the Game of Thrones fans. Watch it below: