Population woes: Don't apply if you have more than 2 kids says school

A school in Delhi, India has taken a bold step of barring admission/jobs to people who have more than 2 children. Read more to find out about the move!

Our country is getting a little over-crowded, isn’t it? The current population count is 1.252 billion. Yep, that’s a LOT of people. With this count, India proudly stands second in the ‘Most Populated Countries’ category.

In a country with more than a billion people, population control is a big and hefty task. We have a ton of yojnas and interventions are arranged for people but seeing the population numbers of the last decade, they’re clearly not working.

Just another day in Chaiyya-Chaiyya land!

Just another day in Chaiyya-Chaiyya land!

Seeing the boom in population in the last decade, a private Delhi school has made a bold and progressive move by asking people with more than 2 children to not apply to their school. They said that this decision is a step towards much needed population control, as it will motivate people to have less children.

The school is Salwan Public School, Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi which was established in 1953 and is a co-ed school affiliated to CBSE. It is one of the most sought after premier schools in the city and is spread over ten acres.
The registration form issued by Salwan Montessori and GD Salwan explicitly mentions the aforementioned condition in the forms.
The clause reads – “Parents having more than two children, including whose admission is sought, need not apply.”

Sushil Salwan, the chairman of the Salwan educational trust, has stated that the rule is also applicable for teachers and other staff members. Anyone with over two kids can not apply for a job in the school.

This bold step is being applauded by everyone. Do you think other schools will take a similar route and take a step towards population control? Tell us your thoughts!