Dogs got banned from travelling on New York subway 'unless they fit in a bag', people responded with this

After the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority banned dogs from travelling in subway, 'dogs in bags' has become a new trend.

After dogs were banned from travelling on New York subway and were allowed only if they could fit in a bag, dog owners went by the rule and did not disappoint the authorities. However mean and ridiculous the rule may sound, interestingly, the outcomes were outrageously adorable as well as hilarious, with photographs of dogs stuffed in bags, riding the subway going viral. As they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way, the dog owners of New York are a classic and a brilliant example.

While some of the owners might have given up on the idea of travelling with their grown-up dogs, some of them have got out-and-out creative with it, as there is no limit on how big the bag or the carrier should be. Dogs peeping out of bags can indeed be a funny sight and may be that is how people started posting pictures on social media.

Dogs-in-bags is a new trend on the New York subway and the authorities clearly cannot complain. They shouldn’t, now that these poor animals, who don’t even understand these bizarre rules are ready to understand and accommodate.

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Have a look at a few of these photographs:

We do feel for the poor pup:

Look at that cutie. He tried to bite his owner, obviously, LOL.

Just for the record, it totally tried to bite me. #subwaydog #cutebutmean #nycmta #dogsinbags

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‘Taking dogs-in-bags to another level’. Truly.

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