Dog whose videos went viral passes away. Fans express grief.

Fluffy little Gabe who became a social media sensation last year passed away today. His owner broke the news on Facebook and Gabe's fans are left heartbroken!

Gabe the dog borks no more.

As his latest music video is going viral, Gabe The Dog looks upon us from heaven.
In an emotional Facebook post, his owner broke the saddest news of 2017- Gabe has passed away.
He wrote about how Gabe was already pushing his senior years when they picked him up from the shelter, but still blessed them with six years of loving, dancing and adorable borking.

He went on to recall how Gabe went Viral. Something that he started as a joke for his friends quickly became a global sensation, going as far as national TV in Japan!
Even though they have never met the dog, fans mourn his loss as his videos always made them smile and helped them forget all their stress with his adorable borks!

The post is a real tear-jerker and just a few minutes after he broke the news, the post went viral with fans expressing grief over the adorable dog’s death. With a fan-base of over 176k on Facebook, Gabe’s death has left social media heart-broken.

Read the emotional post right here (Warning: Keep tissues ready)

A meme taken away too soon, and we can’t help but shed a tear.

Let’s watch the best of Gabe to celebrate the life of this adorable dog:

Gabe’s Feel Good Inc. cover

Gabe gets a classical touch with ‘can-can’

Gabe’s latest viral video

The very best of Gabe

We will always miss you gabe. Thanks for the memes.
RIP sweet pupper, you were a good doggo!