Doctor Who has Been Treating Patients For Free Since 1948 Finally Gets Padma Shri

This 91-year-old doctor from Indore proves that not all heroes wear capes. She has been treating patients for free since 1948 and is finally getting a Padma shri!

Dr Bhakti Yadav is well known for earning an MBBS degree and becoming Indore’s first woman doctor. After years of selfless service to the nation, she is finally receiving a Padma Shri.

It’s a little saddening to see that 91-year-old Dr Bhakti Yadav, who has been treating patients for free since 1948, has received a Padma Shri waay after a plethora of actors, politicians and singers. The real heroes of our country have seem to be sidelined.
Nevertheless, it’s great to see such unsung heroes being recognized and awarded!

Bhakti Yadav is popularly known as ‘Doctor Daai’ and people were overjoyed when it was announced that the living legend will be receiving the Padma Shri.

People took to Twitter to congratulate her and express their happiness:

A gynecologist, Bhakti has treated a lot of patients ever since she became a doctor but she has never expected any remuneration. In today’s day and age, a rare gem like Bhakti Devi is truly inspirational!