Diandra Soares refuses to accept casual sexism, proves her social media game is top-notch

Keep your casual sexism, Instagram. Diandra Soares wants none of it. For those of you who have never dealt with the joys of social media trolling while being a woman, please note that the experience is vastly different from a man’s. Not only must one deal with harassment, inappropriate comments, lewd overtures and general nastiness, there is a truckload of sexist advice that comes along free with it.

Diandra Soares, supermodel, model mentor, TV personality and ‘accidental actress’ (so she puts it), has always been a bit of a controversial figure. Her lack of inhibitions, refusal to conform to the image society expects of women and no-filter attitude doesn’t always go down well with the flag-bearers of parampara the internet is inundated with. There is little she isn’t trolled over – be it her decision to go bald or her clothes. This time however, it is her use of cuss words that have raised the hackles of some on Instagram.

Diandra, probably reacting to this needless policing of her own social media account by virtual strangers, refuses to take this lying down. Her comeback is pretty legendary.


For the record, so is it socially acceptable for men to abuse? #AskingForAFriend

Those of you who follow her Instagram account would know that she always adds a little caption – motivational or otherwise – along with her pictures. Whether you’re a fan or not, you have to admit her no holds barred philosophy is pretty amazing.

A peek at her posts: