Dhinchak Pooja is back with her latest masterpiece, 'Baapu dede thoda cash' - Watch

She's back, y'all.

It feels like yesterday when rockstar Dhinchak Pooja lost all her YouTube videos. Just when you thought the champion was down, she rose from the ashes like a Phoenix and threw another savage song right back at all the haters. Take that, y’all!

This time around, you don’t get to see Dhinchak Pooja and her gang of boys prancing around town. It’s a simple lyric video with cash flying around everywhere. She explores her inner pampered child with this song as she asks her dad to give her cash to buy Gucci and champagne (so very Pitbull of her, we know). She sings about all the finer things in life that she plans to buy with daddy’s money, including a dinner date with the President of the United States, Donald Trump. Papa must be pretty proud.

The song ends abruptly for some reason, but that’s the best part about the song. It ends. This song isn’t as irritating as her previous hits, but it’s still enough to make you want to smash your phone against a wall.

The song is available on iTunes, Saavn and Amazon. The reason remains unknown. Watch the video here:

Here’s the link to the Facebook post for you to tag your friends and irritate them (don’t pretend to be matured, you know you’re going to do it):

Also, her song Selfie maine leli is up on YouTube again, just in case you care: