Dear Period: Women share menstruation stories and OMG you need to see it

From unbearable cramps to 'jumping-off-the-cliff' feeling, women shared their brutally honest stories on Twitter and it's actually funny. Take a look.

Every woman has a different sort of relationship with their menstruation cycle and definitely a love-hate one. Not many women would disagree to the fact that we all have experienced most contradictory feelings during the time when we don’t get our periods on time, both for those who’re sexually active and those who aren’t. Twitter captured the essence of this weird relationship that every woman shares with her menstruation cycle and the feelings that they go through at every stage of it. From premenstrual syndrome to post-menstrual ‘disorders’, from unbearable cramps to ‘jumping-off-the-cliff’ feeling, women on Twitter came out and shared how horrible or elated they feel about their periods cycle and it is actually funny.

Gender Log India and Why Loiter ran a campaign and discussion on Twitter with the hashtag Dear Period and asked people to talk about their experiences of periods.

For one, every woman would be on the same page if we say that period always at the most appropriate time (sarcasm intended), because it knows when have you planned a trip, when you’re going for a party and, basically, when you want to enjoy. Period is your nemesis at these times and your friend at other times, because we need this nemesis for our good health. After all, it’s a natural bodily process.

Check out the tweets here:



This is the most relatable and most probably, the funniest Period thread ever. Don’t you think so?