Dear older generation, we millennials aren't as bad as you think

We're aite.

Okay, if you’re around or above 30 and have at least once in your life said that millennials are lazy, dim-witted, entitled slobs, here’s a rant for you- We’re not.

It’s like this right bestowed upon the older generation to keep calling the younger generation names, without giving us credit for anything and honestly, we’re sick of it.

No, we don’t sit around all day doing nothing. No, we’re not wasting times on our phones all the time. No, we’re not a bunch of dull people who have no idea what we’re doing.

We still remember that video of a guy cribbing about everything that is wrong with millennials calling us superficial, fake, unhappy and lacking self esteem. Honestly, the psuedo-science, over generalization, and self indulgent postulating with out a shred or proof or counterpoint was painful to sit through.

We know that our generation is pretty different from yours, and you’ll need some time to understand us. We’re here to break it down for you. Here’s why we millennials aren’t as useless as you think we are!

Change is good

Yes, times are changing. Stop cribbing about smart phones and tablets and how they’re making life easier. Stop being pissed at technological advancement. Do you want to go back to a time before cell phones and WiFi? Why don’t we just go and live in the ice age? Technological advancement is the crux of human advancement.


Selfies are not stupid

You clicked pictures when you went out, right? So do we. It doesn’t matter if we use our front camera or rear camera, pictures are meant to immortalize moments and that’s what we do!


Filters aren’t bad

Get over yourself. Just because we’re growing up in a Facebook/Instagram generation doesn’t mean our happiness is fake. The smile behind that filter is EVERY bit as genuine as yours.


How exactly are we lazy, again?

Most millennials start working and interning from the age of 15/16. Our generation is hard-working and extremely ambitious. Most employees in big firms are in the age bracket of 20-30.


No, our world isn’t stupid or meaningless.

Just because you don’t understand Facebook/YouTube/Instagram doesn’t mean these platforms are stupid. People make full fledged careers out of vlogging/blogging and make upto millions. Times are changing and the older generation needs to understand that not everyone wants to be a briefcase wielding 9-5 employee.


We’re not paranoid freaks who seek approval on social media

We’re happy if a ton of people ‘like’ our pictures because it means that there’s a bunch of people who appreciate it. You know how compliments work in real life? Yeah, likes are social media compliments. It’s not a contest.

We’re not creative? Think again.

The globe has seen a HUGE technological advancements since the past decade, ie, since we millennials have grown up. From apps that make your life easier to drones, we’ve worked on a crap load of projects and dull/uninspired is the last thing our generation is.

Millennials can’t build strong, meaningful relationships.

How good/bad you are at maintaining relationships has nothing to do with your birth date, it’s a matter of emotional maturity and varies from person to person. Charlie sheen isn’t a millennial. Just saying.


Dear older generation, stop hating on us just because you’re entitled to (see what I did there?).

Peace out.

-Just another millennial.