Dating 'tips' for millennials: Viral video offers truly savage pick-up lines - Watch

When cheesy pick-up lines are the only way to hit on someone in India, watch this video for more quirky suggestions

It’s 2017 and society has progressed just slightly enough to ‘allow’ women to use pick-up lines on men. And taking a hint from that one YouTuber decided to compile the perfect set of pick-up lines that Indian girls can easily use. Think of it as a guidebook for dummies who do not know how to approach guys or who are running out of ideas to do the same. Sonia has thought some of the cheesiest pick-up lines that can make you both cringe and laugh out loud at the same time. These are perhaps the corniest tricks in the art of dating. Their success rate is still debatable depending on if you are the type of person who likes people making silly puns or using a lot of rhetoric to hit on you. Otherwise, you can use them on a random stranger to test out how hard would you get punched in the face once someone actually hears these pick-up lines. Nevertheless, it is always worth a shot.

Going by the YouTube Handle Sonia’s Way, the video Savage Pick-up Lines for Indians has some of the choicest pick-up lines that can be used by those who are facing a dearth in that very department.

  1. When you rhyme to take the attention off your nervousness

2. When a guy might compare you with a maid for a very specific reason

3. When being from South India apparently alludes to some hotness quotient

4. When you randomly stir up common connections

5. When your future is secure if you are an Engineer

6. When the timing is right

7. When it’s all about apples and oranges

8. When she finds a pun in the name of your city. (Hint: Bomb-bae)

9. When you are afraid the cops may steal something precious away

10. When he bowls you over

11. When your stars align your horoscope together

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