Condom ad talks about something most ads don't, that women enjoy sex too - Watch

"Ladies, be the boss of your love life", that line perfectly captures the essence of Durex condom's latest advertisement. Watch it and read on.

Durex condoms’ latest advertisement highlights the fact that women enjoy sex as such as men do. Numerous condom ads have been banned or censored in India as they ‘offended many’ because they showed women taking pleasure in sex. A fact that cannot be overlooked is that the advertisement comes right after the release of a highly controversial ‘lady-oriented’ movie, Lipstick Under My Burkha which portrays women’s sexual desires. The Durex ad features actor Ranveer Singh and a model, and shows the girl hiding condom packets in every nook and corner of the house for easier access, for the time when they have sex. Ouch! That word still hurts a lot of people in our country.

The ad posted on YouTube goes with the description “Ladies, be the boss of your love life with the slimmest pair of #DurexJeans! #GirlsForDurex” and has got more than 120 k views.

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The ad starts with the girl exploring every corner of the house where she and her partner can have sex (does using that word again and again offend you too?). She is seen carrying a cellophane tape, hiding a condom in each of those locations where her partner can easily access the condom when needed. This ad is exactly similar to the one where Ranveer is shown hiding condom packets around the house, which Durex released some 4 months back.

Check it out here:

For those who still haven’t got the point, it’s simple: Women enjoy sex equally as men do.

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