Chiranjeevi dancing to Kendrick Lamar's Humble is hands down the best viral video of 2018

Think 80s and you think disco, shiny outfits, synthesizers and a whole lotta hairspray. The last thing you’ll ever think about is GOAT Kendrick Lamar spitting fire on the mic.

While the 80s had its own charm, all of us can agree that Kendrick makes the world a better place and would’ve killed it in the 80s. Hold on to that thought and listen to this- somebody just made a Chiranjeevi x Kendrick Lamar mashup and it’s the most fire thing you’ll see on the internet today.

Here’s a lil’ backdrop: The song is Chakkani Chukka Sandita from Pasivadi Pranam, one of the first telugu film songs to feature break dancing starring megastar Chiranjeevi and Vijashanthi. Checkout the original song right here:

Now here’s why we love the internet- some brilliant guy took this song, in all its break dancing glory, and mashed it with Kendrick Lamar’s Humble and the result is some next level sorcery. How does it sync so perfectly? We have no clue. Why are we watching this on repeat? No idea. But is this better than the original? Let’s just say that Kendrick should start taking Bollywood dancers on tour with him at this point.

Check out the hilarious mash up here:

Chiranjeevi’s dance moves > Kendrick’s Humble.

Also, major props for the power ranger outfits.