Chef Gordon Ramsay's ruthless response to this Indian's request for a food review will make you cringe

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay popular for his sarcastic and witty responses is at it again but this time he has been ruthless with Medhu Vada

Rameez, a young boy from Mumbai, India, tweeted a picture of the Medu Vada he prepared to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. In his tweet, he asked the celebrity chef to rate his ‘medu vada sambar and nariyal chutney’.  The chef, who is known for his sarcastic remarks and  ruthless comments was no different once again. The unassuming lad wouldn’t have thought the he would receive such a cruel review for his hardwork.  Instead of feeling bad, Rameez took the ‘critical’ review in his stride and seemed to enjoy all the attention he received once Gordon tweeted.

This is what Gordon Ramsay had to say about Rameez’s ‘medu vada sambar and nariyal chutney’:


While some of the twitter users felt bad for the poor boy, some of them added insult to the injury and yet some praised him for his efforts.


…to which Rameez hilariously responded:

Gordon Ramsay may have not given an elaborate analysis of the food but as we all are well aware, people are always ready with their unsolicited advices and here’s one. Rameez was quick to respond to this one too. There was a difference of opinions and then there was chain that followed:


Some even got too deep into Ramsay’s comment and started explaining what he meant. There were still others who felt really ‘hurt’ by Gordon Ramsay’s comment and asked him to go to the neighbouring country. We aren’t sure if he cares: