Caught On Camera: This dramatic video of stranded rafters being rescued will leave you in shock

Eagle River Fire Protection District rescue four people from drowning after their boat pinned the rocks and started brimming with water

The Eagle River Fire Protection District officials rescued four people – three men and one woman, from the gushing stream of a river near Edwards, Colorado, in the United States after the raft crashed against a big rock and started brimming with water. According to the department, only one of the three rafters was wearing a life jacket which made the rescue operation even tougher to put through. The video was posted by the organisation on their Facebook page to teach people about safety and highlight basic guidelines through the process. The description of the video stated:

Additional video of occupants being evacuated from the raft in the river near Edwards. Accidents can happen, regardless of your skill level and on any type of water, so ERFPD recommends you review the following safety guidelines before heading out:
• Wear your life jacket and proper headgear! It’s always possible to capsize in any water condition.
• Assure that your water craft was intended for white water travel and understand the capabilities and limitations of the raft, kayak, or other equipment that you are using. Know the capabilites and limitations of your companions, as well.
• Know the water conditions. Conditions can be very different from day to day and it’s important to know what to expect. If in doubt, get out and scout!

The officials can be seen as asking the rafter to hold on tight as he gushes away with the stream of the river. Finally, after an hour of the ordeal, the officials managed to save all the rafters. All the four people came out safely and thanks to the skilled professionals, nobody was severely hurt. Watch the video here: