Canadian baby becomes world's first kid without gender label on health card

This newborn baby may be the first to be registered ‘gender unknown’ because his mum insists only he should have the right to decide what sex it wants to be

Gender binaries are so important in our world that we often forget that we are cultivating these ideas from the very beginning, right from the birth of an infant. But contrary to our gender specific mindsets Canadian officials have issued a baby named Searyl Alti with a health card which did not specify a gender marker. What seems to be the first case of this sort across the globe, Kori Doty, a transgender person who doesn’t identify either as a male or a female, gave birth to baby Searyl in November. Kori has ever since then been battling to keep the 8-month-old’s gender off records of the British Columbia government.

The unique health card has a “U” in the space for “sex”. This “U” can both stand for “unassigned” or “undetermined.” The only catch remains that the officials have refused to grant the child a legit birth certificate with determining the gender of the baby first.

Kori is a transsexual and believes that their child should have the opportunity to choose its own gender when it is old enough, instead of deciding it for him. Kori went to the extent of giving birth to Searyl at a friend’s house, so that she could bypass the arbitrary genital medical inspection that doctors use to assign a child’s sex.

“I want my kid to have all of the space to be the most whole and complete person that they can be.”

The health card issued for Saeryl has a "U" for gender.

The health card issued for Searyl has a “U” for gender.

The gender-less health card arrived in the mail and has ever since become a cause of celebration for Kori and Searyl.

Kori has gone on record to announce that she wants to raise her daughter with an avid knowledge of vocabulary so that Searyl can determine her own gender when the time comes.

Kori has lodged a judicial review against the policy which makes it compulsory to determine the gender at birth. We hope that Kori and Searyl can find their voice in this heard of preconceived gender binaries.

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