Buying Justin Bieber tickets? Here's an alternative list of things you can buy with 76,000 bucks

Ditch those ridiculously expensive Justin Bieber tickets and buy something off our list instead.

Remember when ‘Global citizen’ tickets went up for 25,000 and you decided you never really were a Coldplay fan to begin with? Yeah that’s going to happen with the Justin Bieber concert now.

According to a recent report by MensXP, the best tickets are going to go on sale for as much as 76,000 bucks and we’re left wondering one thing – what are these event management companies on?

We’re not saying Justin tickets aren’t worth the money, we’re not saying they are either, but how many fans are going to shell out these ridiculous amounts for one concert? We’re done with the ‘sell your kidney’ jokes already.

We’ve come up with a list of things you can buy instead of spending that amount on tickets. Go on a spree if you want:

Two way tickets to Paris


This Versace dress


A Husky puppy


A smile on these underprivileged kids’ faces


A selfie brush


1896 kgs of Potatoes


Gucci flip flops


Gold plated staples


20 of these I love KRK shirts


3 of these ugly cycle-pedal lamps


So basically, a lot of things. You get it.

If you still want to go ahead and buy the tickets for 76 thousand bucks, go ahead. But a Husky puppy would be way better.