Bride turns up in shorts for her wedding, Twitter cannot stop laughing

As savage as Twitter can get, it just cannot stop generating jokes about the bride and her amazingly bizarre get-up.

Recently, we came across a YouTube video where a bride was dancing in shorts (actually, hotpants) on Sia’s Cheap Thrills, with lehenga in her hands. The video went viral on social media mainly because of her brilliant dance moves and her confidence. But would you ever imagine a bride actually turning up like that for her wedding? You don’t need to imagine anymore because a bride has actually gone ahead and done that already. This Punjabi bride has also become popular on Internet and her photos are going viral on Twitter. As savage as this space can get, Twitter just cannot stop generating jokes about the bride and her amazing get-up.

In the photograph that is going viral online,  it literally seems like she forgot to wear her lehenga. And as bizarre as it can get, she chose to wear Nike shorts with the choli from her lehenga and full bridal make-up.Who does that? Her entire get-up looks absolutely laughable and sorry, but not sorry, also disgusting. And, when it almost takes nothing for Twitter to start its jokes, this was way too much.

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Here is what happened when her photograph started circulating on the micro-blogging site:

Has Mr India turned tailor?

Some lessons for Arvind Kejriwal.

In case you still didn’t notice her Nike shorts.

Inflation ke side-effects.

Now, that is epic LOL.

International bride with Indian sanskars. Somewhat? Sort of? 

Social media goals are for real.

Let’s ‘talk’ about designer lehengas.

Expectations always hurt. Not sure about this one.

You don’t fall in this category, anymore. You’re scarred for life.

Here’s what must have happened actually. Let’s not be mean to her.

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