Bombay High Court Parody Account One-Liners That Are Too Funny To Be Missed!

Sarcastic? Check. Witty? Check. Hilarious? Check! Read the best one liners by the Bombay High Court Parody account that'll crack you up!

If you’re fairly active on social media, you must have come across the Bombay High Court parody account. If you haven’t, let us introduce you!

Started last year, the Bombay High Court facebook page has gained over 155k fans because of their witty one-liners that are guaranteed to make you giggle.
Their about section, for example, reads-
Parody Account. Believing things on the Internet without a blue tick is punishable by death.

The entertainment page typically puts one-liner statuses that sound like mandates or official updates given by the High Court, but with hilarious twists. Most of their one-liners revolve around Mumbai and life in the city of dreams. Apart from the city specific cracks, they also post generic one-liners that are extremely witty and relatable.
People have started loving the page because of these ingenious jokes and the page is now reaching the audience outside Mumbai too!

Without further ado, let’s read some of their gems, shall we?

Let’s get filmy.

550 Rs!? Bhaiyya 549 Rs mai do na!

Ah, unagi.

*Plays sad violin in the background*

“No caption is the best caption. But like, put that as the caption.”

Immediate death penalty.

Just STOP!

Girl that plays Counter Strike? What Pokemon is that and where can I find it?

Yes they exist.

Get your dirty mind out of the gutter, please.


Share your food, not its pictures.

Check out their ‘Closer’ parody song for those fed up with exams:

In the words of Bombay High Court, share this with your friends or you shall be punished with no WiFi for a week.