Bollywood movies that are kinda f*cked up if you think about it

We break down Bollywood story-lines in simple words to help you realize how messed up they are.

Even though Bollywood has churned out brilliant movies like Taare Zameen Par and Rang De Basanti, it has had its fair share of horrible movies.

But have you ever thought of reading between the lines? Some movies are downright messed up if you pay attention to the story-line closely.

These seemingly innocent movies aren’t creepy right off the bat, but if you remove your rose-tinted glasses, you’re in for a world of cringe.

No, these aren’t shady B-grade movies. They’re mainstream ‘hit’ movies that audiences have loved.

Ready? Let’s ruin some movies for you!

Tere Naam

Literally the saddest movie ever.

The story of a downright psychotic gangster who tries to woo a timid girl. When she rejects him, he kidnaps her and forces her to fall in love (because you know, naa mein haan hai).  To add to it, the female’s  fiance tells her that the goon truly loves her. She falls in love with him (Stockholm syndrome much?), but he is attacked by goons, suffers brain damage and ends up in a mental institution.

She kills herself because, well, true love is just an extortion away.

Main Tera Hero

Guy falls for a girl and by ‘falls’, we mean he stalks her relentlessly because glorifying stalking has never been a problem in Bollywood. The abla naari ignores him constantly because she is already being bullied into getting married by a man, but he keeps following her and she falls in love with her stalker (because what’s better than settling for a stalker who breaks into your house, takes off his shirt and corners you?). And this was 2016.


SLB’s Devdas

Though it is touted to be a masterpiece, but the reality is that this is one genuinely messed up movie with quite a lot of abnormal behavior on display. It’s the story of a man who constantly puts his girlfriend down, goes to brothels and is an alcoholic. As if this wasn’t enough, his friend gets him to drink some more—one last glass “for old times’ sake”.  This “last” glass ultimately takes his life.

Everybody hates Devdas?


Andaz (1994)

Student falls in love with her teacher. Plays (rather kinky) pranks to catch his attention and challenges him that she will one day become his wife. You know, just normal student-teacher things. The teacher gets hitched to an illiterate orphan girl just to avoid the student. The student gets killed in a terrorist attack and they all lived happily ever after.

Oh, and it has songs like Khada Hai and Lelo Lelo.



A tale of two psychotic youngsters who date, constantly bully each other into doing bizarre acts, break-up, patch-up, break-up and then leave their respective partners on the day of their weddings.

So much for healthy relationships, eh?


Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Everyone is a little slow in this movie.

SRK literally just changes his hairstyle and Anushka is not able to recognize him for the rest of the movie. A tale of a woman cheating on her husband with her dance partner, and then leaving her dance partner for her husband. Because nothing says ‘Best wife on the planet’ like a wife who comes back to you… after cheating on you. And then cheats on her lover with you. Damn cheatception.

Viva La Bollywood!