Bollywood existential memes that will make you question your existence

Stop using memes to add temporary humor into your otherwise abysmal life. Just kidding, check out some funny nihilistic memes.

Bollywood has always been a happy place where everything magically works out in the end. But here’s a fact- life doesn’t. We all go through the ‘nothing in the world has a real existence’ and ‘what does life even mean’ phase and this meme page knows.

Bollywood existential memes is a Facebook page that posts beautiful existential/Pessimist memes from B-Town and it really helps us fuel our existential crisis. They’re anti-Bollywood and downright hilarious (in an angstful fashion, of course). We’re done with our daily dose of cliche morning motivation and ‘you can do it!’ posts. Sometimes life is about sitting and wondering where are we all headed? And then go back to browsing memes.

Are you actually having a good day today? Here are some nihilistic memes to bring you down because let’s face it, if we don’t ruin your day something else will anyway.

Warning: Pessimism ahead. Go away if you’re looking for rainbows and butterflies.

Next time uncle aunty talk about marriage, tag them in this:


Because naa mein haan hai bebe. Palat.


Kabuutar knows wassup. Kabuutar is woke AF.


Dammit SRK, NO!


Because nothing is more inspirational than forcing your kids to follow your unfulfilled dreams.
Kid: But dad I wanna be a sing-


This is how extroverts think the world works:


Life is insignificant, get over your problems ffs.


Nirma can’t clean your dark soul to be honest


Stay woke. Stay woke.


Let’s make #JaaduKiJhappi2017 a thing.


Hum crippling existential crisis de chuke sanam.


Don’t go around assuming genders.


Wake me up.
Wake me up inside.
Can’t wake up.


*Sits in a corner and stares into the void*

All images are from the Bollywood Existential Memes Facebook page. Check them out here.