Board exams over? Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has some advice you cannot afford to miss

Rujuta Diwekar's Facebook post about post-board exams nutrition has gone massively viral

Board exams can give you a hard time. You are constantly sulking and stressing over your unfinished syllabus and dreading the d-day. For achieving the desired score, you give up everything from your social life, friends, outdoor activities and even eating properly. But once those hectic days are long past your life, all you want to do is P-A-R-T-Y-Y-Y! Those long hours of partying and binging yourself with that overloaded cheesy pizza or maybe staying up late talking to your sweetheart can lead to an extremely detrimental lifestyle. This is why India’s top most celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar decided to share some gyan to all young girls who have just finished their board exams. She shares three simple but very efficient tips for all the young ladies and we recommend girls to take notes.

“Run, play and walk around, there will be plenty of time to sit in cafes later.” says Ms Diwekar as a first tip pressing the importance of outdoor activities which ensures painless menstrual cycles and builds better bones.

For all those lovely ladies gorging on colas and what not, Rujuta says, “Drink Kokum sherbet, Aam panha and Bel sherbet, there will be plenty of time to sip cola later”.  These healthy drinks promote the growth of healthy bacteria and ensure flawless and supple skin for the rest of your life. Is anyone listening?

In her last tip, Rujuta shares the secret of having a healthy brain and supreme health, which is sleeping. She says, “Go to bed at 10.30 pm every night, there will be plenty of time to party all night later”.

Well, these bits of advice don’t come as a surprise as the number of diseases, especially in teenagers, is increasing due to improper lifestyle. It’s great to see celebrated dieticians like Rujuta sharing these important tips with the youngsters.