Black or milk tea? This tea 'shade card' is making Twitter hyperventilate

What makes a good cup of tea? This Twitter debate on the different shades of tea has gotten more diversity than any other.

The one things Indians unanimously love is their chai. While most people are crazy about coffee, there is a bunch of tea lovers who defend their love for tea over coffee. But just like coffee, everyone has their ways to prepare tea. Some steep it for long, others infused with herbs. Many like the right balance between the tea leaves and milk, others like milk tea made with more concentration of milk than tea. In short, there are hundreds of permutations and combinations of making tea. And that means even tea lovers are divided over the types of teas they drink.

So when a Twitter user named Yourshire Problems posted a shade card of different kinds of tea asking people to “Quote with your shade of tea”, the Twitter’s comment broke out with hardcore tea lovers staking their claim on one or the other.


D2 won the contest hands down but we hadn’t experienced such ‘diversitea’ over one picture. Check out the comments:

And 4D got all the hate:

It seems like all the 4’s were the abominations. Do you agree? Tell us in the comment section below