Bizarre viral video of monkey playing with a child!

A video of a monkey playing with a child has gone viral in India and it's definitely a nail biter till the very end. Watch it now!

Ah, the confusing realm of the internet. We’re the generation that has seen everything go viral – right from cute cats playing pianos to white vans (Daaaamn!).

Ever since the internet came into existence, animal videos have undoubtedly been a hot favorite amongst the audiences. Talking dogs, singing turtles and Jedi cats – we’ve seen them all and it is quite difficult to be shocked by the internet anymore but it’s safe to say we were pretty much flabbergasted when we saw the #1 trending video on Youtube India – A monkey playing with a child. Yes, we’re all for Tarzan and Mowgli, but we’re not sure how would these fare in real life!

Right off the bat, the video looks scary. When the little monkey approaches from nowhere, you can’t help but worry about the child’s safety. The monkey then goes on to poke the child and pester him.
It was all fun and games till the child started crying. At this point, you can’t help but be angry at the parents who are letting the monkey scare their child. Once the child starts crying, the little monkey pokes him one last time and then runs away without doing any harm.

The comment section clearly shows that the video has divided its viewers into two segments-
One part of the audience thinks it is a an act of bad parenting carried out by people who wanted to go viral and get hits online.
The other part of the audience believes it is a video that showcases how gentle an animal can be because the monkey was extremely playful and didn’t hurt the child.

What are your views on the same? Watch the video and tell us: