WATCH: #BackpackChallenge is the most destructive high-school game ever played

Carrying a bag to school/college won't be the same ever again

Remember carrying a backpack to school or college? Yes, it was indeed a challenge to carry that heavy sack on your back. Loaded with heavy books, it gave the feeling equivalent to going to war. While going to college or school for some could literally be compared to entering a battlefield, getting rid of the “military luggage” was the priority. Never in the wildest dreams, one could have thought that you could use the backpack as a grenade to hurt your enemies. Confused? Similar was my reaction when I heard about the #BagpackChallenge or #BackpackChallenge.

The Internet, being the abode of crazy challenges, is abuzz with a new task for college/school students. The challenge is simple yet difficult to accomplish. Students would form two rows and one unfortunate candidate would have to run through the two rows. No, it is not a guard of honour that he or she will get. In fact, he/he will have to guard herself while she runs through. Students standing on either side will throw their backpacks (read grenades) to bring the nominated candidate down. The one who is able to complete the challenge. But winning comes at a cost. To win this challenge, you’ll have to get your back/bones broken.

So if you think you are skillful enough to dodge people and make it through or you are lighting fast as Usain Bolt, you might want to try a hand at this challenge. As for how not to fail this test, there are many videos that you can watch over and over again. While you’ll be in splits watching the videos, it is quite possible that you’ll be split into two if you attempt the sadistic challenge. Students around the world are not worried about the consequences.Here’s an attempt by students of Delhi Technological University and Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering.

(Video Courtesy: Facebook/Shashank Beni)

Students of Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering take the challenge.

(Video Courtesy: Facebook/Ayush Verma)

WATCH: Compilation of #BackpackChallenge 

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