Baba Sehgal is actually a lyrical genius. Here's the proof !

Let's take some time to appreciate Baba Sehgal, shall we?

We’ve all seen numerous Baba Sehgal songs right from an ode to Rihanna to O my lovely pizza. You’ve shared them, heard them on loop and laughed at them. Baba has been around before most of us were even born- he was the first legit Indian rapper with songs like Dil Dhadke to his credit.

His newer songs, however, are trolled extensively on social media for being stupid and meaningless.

But have you really heard the lyrics? If you read between the lines and try to understand the real context of his songs- your mind will be blown.

I’m taking a bunch of his recent lines and lyrics and breaking them down to help you understand how beautiful the lyrics really are:

Caption: yesterday u called her sexy & hottie, today u r behaving different just bcoz she’s doing potty

The real meaning: Baba single handedly exposes the misogyny and sexism that exists in the country. A woman’s worth is determined by how lady-like she is and as soon as she breaks the barriers and tries to be herself, society can’t handle it and behaves differently!

Caption: i said dilruba – she said paisey dikha
i said paisey nahi – she said kaisey nahi
i said mehengai hai, she said tu mera bhai hai

The real meaning: Here Baba highlights the problems men face because of gold diggers. He tries to highlight the pain hidden behind a man’s words when he loves a woman but all she cares about is the money.

Caption: hasney sey lips wide hotey hain,
naachney sey hips side hotey hain,
subah subah khaya kar anda kyun ki chips fried hotey hain

The real meaning: Baba isn’t a nihilist. Baba wants you to smile and dance by telling you the pros of being happy and living life to the fullest. He cares about your health and lowkey advises you to not eat chips in the morning and keep your cholesterol under control.

Caption: gaay ko kehte hain cow aur kaise ko how,
it takes very little to appreciate & say wow..

The real meaning: You know your English isn’t impeccable, and Baba wants to help you out by teaching you some basic words that are very important. Towards the end, he gives you a life lesson. Why not stop for a while and appreciate the beautiful world and amazing people around you? Baba wants to add a dash of optimism to your life. You go, Baba!

Lyrics: o my lovely PIZZA, my passport ka VISA,
extra cheese with jalapeno (haalapenyo), Italy to IBIZA

The real meaning: Pizza here signifies love. The way your heart burns with desire when you look at your lover, and how you persevere with fighting against the world (i.e Italy and Ibiza) to procure your one true love. Also, haalapenyo.

All jokes apart, I don’t understand why people troll Baba Sehgal. I actually look forward to his raps.
If you compare him with typical Bollywood rappers, he is way better.
The genre of his rapping is comical and that’s exactly what he does.

He doesn’t have big budgets or sponsors, but he enjoys doing what he loves. And above all, he is original.

Do what you are doing, Baba Sehgal. I like the subtle humour in your songs!