Gujarat University's B.Com student fills exam answer sheet with abuses and threats in desperate attempt to pass

In the past too, an unprepared student pulled off a similar stunt in the same university.

What lengths would you go to in order to ensure you pass in an exam even if unprepared for it? Evaluators of B.Com papers in Gujarat university found their students are quite desperate. The icing on the cake is that the students would not even back down from threatening professors into passing them in the papers. Talk about by hook or by crook!

A first semester student of B.Com reportedly wrote abuses and expletives along with a threat to his professor in the answersheet for his statistics paper. The matter came to light after the university exam coordinator informed varsity officials about it, and the officials have been asked to file a case for using unfair means in examinations.

An official while speaking to a media house said that the Examination Reform Committee will decide on the further course of action in the matter. The official further said that it is yet to be identified whether or not the student misconducted himself in other exam papers. The university has apparently dealt with a similar case three years back when a student wrote abuses to his heart’s content in his answersheet and submitted it. At the time of the incident, results for all the examinations of the semester were cancelled.

It remains to be seen what action will be taken in this matter, if any at all. Such incidents show how the teacher-student equation is under threat and students these days would go to any extent to secure an acceptable result. Not to sympathize with the accused at all,but it is noteworthy that pressure on students might just be a causative factor behind such actions. Here’s hoping the education system sees better days soon enough.