This Pakistani version of Roadies is pure YUCK!

You wouldn't believe that they want their participants to do

A Pakistani girl has proven that women are not meant to be taken lightly. Ayesha Hussain, a contestant on the Pakistani show Over the Edge (similar to India’s Roadies), took on a daring challenge that even boys would chicken out of.

Ayesha is a doctor by profession. Having completed her MBBS, the young woman had shown up at an audition for the show. She said that she loves riding bikes and can do anything that a man can. Ayesha had proclaimed herself a bold woman which seemed to have irked the host, Waqar Zaka. Seeing her brazen demeanor, Zaka wished to test her to see if Ayesha actually stands true to her own word or if she is just another person who makes hollow commitments. Even before knowing the specificities of the challenge before her, she accepted it.

Ayesha Hussain Pakistan Over The Edge | Twitter Image For

Ayesha Hussain is an MBBS Doctor

Waqar unveiled the secret challenge as he handed over a bag to Ayesha. He waited for her to lose her shit over the sight of what the bag contained but Ayesha didn’t even flinch. Inside the bag, was a snake. At first, Ayesha had thought that she would have to kiss the snake but, Waqar revealed the actual test. She had to shove the live snake into her nose and pull it out of her mouth.

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Waqar Zaka, the host for the show Over The Edge

Okay, we’ve seen people do this before at Shabaash India but they probably had a lot of practice. Ayesha is just an ordinary woman; one who doesn’t know the word “quit”. She accepted the challenge like it meant nothing. Over the course of the next few minutes, she struggles with the challenge but refused to back down. At last, she pulls the snake out of her mouth, completing the challenge that no other contestant could perform.

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Ayesha Hussain while performing the deadly stunt

Not only did she make her way into the show, she also made a world record! She’s the first woman to insert a snake into her nose and pull it out of her mouth in the first attempt.