Aunt hands nephew long list of requirements for her dog's upkeep, Twitter LOLs hard

The nephew was supposed to post regular updates about the dog with her photographs and the rest of the rules were outrageously hilarious. Read on.

Dogs need a lot of care and affection and you cannot leave them alone for long hours, even if you have an emergency. So there are many times, you have to leave them in the custody of your neighbour or an acquaintance or your relative but trusting your precious one with another person can be hard. But can you imagine handing out or being handed out a ‘written’ set of rules that have to be strictly followed? Something like that happened with Tommy Rivers’ aunt. Tommy Rivers’ aunt had to go somewhere for a day so she decided to leave her dog, Pepper, with him but not without a list of Dos and Do Nots. And some of them would definitely make you crack up.

Apart from taking care of when, how and what Pepper is fed, meals and snacks separately, Tommy was supposed to post regular updates about Pepper with her photographs and was also not ‘supposed to hate her because he ain’t her’. ROFL. As hilarious were her rules, after posting the first update, not just Pepper, but Tommy also earned quite a few followers because people just couldn’t get over adorable Pepper.




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The first update that Tommy Rivers posted that night after spending an entire day with Pepper, feeding her, taking care of her and finally, making her ready for bed.


And the Twitter poured all the love in the world because the cuteness was overbearing

People wanted Pepper for President.

And, like everyone of us, they couldn’t stop noticing Pepper’s beautiful purple hair

Tommy earned fame and followers because of Pepper.

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