At 63, this professor has become a fashion sensation on Instagram

Lyn Slater, 63, a professor, Instagrammer and blogger is inspiring millions with her fashion sense because age is just a number.

‘One must dress acoording to one’s age’, we all have heard that saying umpteen times in our life. While some of us agree with it and some of us don’t, there are still others, for whom, no such thing as ‘dressing according to one’s age’ exists because age is just a number and fashion is about comfort. Lyn Slater falls in the latter category. For Lyn, being comfortable in one’s clothes is more important when it comes to getting dressed.

Sixty-three year old Lyn Slater is a Clinical Associate Professor of Social Services at the Fordham University and apart from being a professor, she is also a fashion icon, or rather, ‘Accidental Icon’. She has an Instagram account and a blog with the name, ‘Accidental Icon’.
On her blog, she describes why she started her blog, ‘I started Accidental Icon because I was having trouble finding a fashion blog or magazine that offered an urban, modern, intellectual aesthetic but also spoke to women who live what I call “interesting but ordinary lives” in cities.’ For her ‘She is the woman who does not consume garments, she lives her life in them and dresses honestly.’
She has some 148 k followers on Instagram and it is for some reason, check out her mind-blowing fashion sense in these photographs:

Red. Enough said.#AgeIsNotAVariable #internationalwomensday #girlpossible #iwd2017 #womenfashion #woman #red

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Doesn’t she look absolutely gorgeous in this one:

Oh my! Isn’t she an inspiration:


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For more such inspiring fashion, check out her Instagram accountAlso do visit her blog, Accidental Icon.