Watch: At 106, this YouTuber grandma's food tutorials will blow your mind. And make you hungry

Watch this granny cook lip-smacking delicacies in traditional style.

At the age of 106, Mastanamma from Andhra Pradesh is world’s oldest YouTuber and undoubtedly, most amazing as well. Mastanamma lives in a small village of Andhra Pradesh with her only son and daughter-in-law. This grandma’s food videos have taken the internet by storm. The YouTube channel, Country Foods, which has posted over 40 videos of Mastanamma cooking a variety of delicacies, has over 250 k subscribers. The most-viewed recipes are of Watermelon Chicken (which was viewed over 6 million times) and Bread Omelette, which crossed the 3 million mark.

Mastanamma, recently, celebrated her 106th birthday bash with her fans, who are not just from India but from across the border as well. Coming back to her cooking videos, her cooking style is simple and basic, with no fancy ingredients and it is wonderful to watch her make even the most exotic recipes, with utmost ease and in a traditional style.

 So try some of her recipes at home, they are surely going to be fun. You must be wondering why was that humble bread and omelette recipe viewed by more than 3 million people, see it for yourself.

Watch this 106-year-old wonderlady in action:

Here’s the exotic Watermelon Chicken recipe:

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